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Sponsoring AMO

Archive Management.Org is completely free for consumers, service providers and vendors.  Each derives considerable value from the site: Vendors can use the AMO Guides to link to their products de...
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1. What is AMO?  Achive Management.Org (AMO) is a web-based community and information portal for consumers and vendors of electronic data archive technology.  It was founded by the Data Man...
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Joining AMO

Archive Management.Org is a free information portal and community for consumers, vendors and service providers interested in archiving.  Registration is free, but we do want to collect some basic...
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AMO Insights

  You have reached AMO Insights.  Welcome. This section of the site offers a lot of content that we hope you will find useful as you begin (or continue) your data archiving journey.  H...
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Service Provider Focus

Service Provider Focus, as the name implies, is a section of this site where we hunker down with a consultant, integrator or reseller of archive-related services to understand the role of the archive ...
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Join Archive today to keep apprised of the latest developments in archive solutions! Registered members can contribute their experience, ask questions of the membership, and make reports on what works, what doesn't and who is doing a good job.

Need an Integrator?

Consultants, integrators and resellers specializing in archiving are available everywhere.  To find one in your area to help you get your archive project underway, keep visiting the AMO Guide to Service Providers

If you are a consultant, reseller, integrator or other archive service provider and want to get on the list, why not join AMO and submit your web link.  We might feature you in a Service Provider Focus segment on AMO Insights.  Listing in the AMO Guide is a great way to get the attention of consumers...and vendor channel managers!

Solution Stories

Have a story to tell about your archive experience?  Products that worked?  Integrators who did a fantastic job?  How did you measure the benefits realized by your company?  Let us know about them.  We'll run your story here.  Read what other users have reported at the AMO Insights User Corner.

Vendor Spotlight

Check out the AMO Insight Vendor Spotlight to see what vendors are saying about their archive solutions.  If you are a vendor, and want to chat about your products or about archiving generally, contact us to arrange for an interview.

Archiving Tools

Archiving systems are available to meet a variety of needs, but there is no "one size fits all" product in the marketplace.  Learn more about archive tools at AMO's Guide to Archive Platforms.

If you want to learn more about archive technologies, check out the AMO Guide to Archive Technology and the AMO Guide to Archive Media for more information.

Finally, if you are interested in what goes into the archiving of specific data types, like email, databases, video, and user files, check out the AMO Guide to Archive Techniques.